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Romancing Saga 3 crashes on Zsnes DOS

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The official board is down so I'll just post this here...


Pressing B while at the weapon shop menu to go back to the game crashes the emu on the DOS port. Works on the win32 and linux ports. The official 1.36 works too.


Zsnes ver: WIP 17/07 (Dos/win) WIP 07/07 (linux).


ROM CRC (this is with the translation patch): 42C664C2



General Protection Fault at eip=001d4a92

eax=0000a4ea ebx=00000001 ecx=053c7685 edx=04040404 esi=002edd44 edi=00

ebp=00250722 esp=00568084 program=C:\EMULAT~1\ZSNES.EXE

cs: sel=00a7 base=83c41000 limit=02391fff

ds: sel=00af base=83c41000 limit=02391fff

es: sel=00af base=83c41000 limit=02391fff

fs: sel=00f7 base=000131d0 limit=000001ff

gs: sel=00bf base=00000000 limit=0010ffff

ss: sel=00af base=83c41000 limit=02391fff

App stack: [005680dc..004e80dc] Exceptn stack: [004e8030..004e60f0]

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