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Information for Rage of the Dragons


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Just use those patches to get the proper Vs : rotd_v_patches.zip


Then, split the 2 Vs : 264-v1.bin crc32 FA005812 & 264-v2.bin crc32 C3DC8BF0 in 2 x 4 Mb (each) to get the 4 decrypted Vs : 264-v1d.bin crc32 5C77A3FE, 264-v2d.bin crc32 A9B7AF14, 264-v3d.bin crc32 17AFF92A & 264-v4d.bin crc32 BC6A091E.

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Well I just got it to work. I just finished downloading a whole new set of roms from DC++ and they work. Really sucks for me cause I got dial up and it took me a while. Plus this is the 4th set of roms I downloaded to find the correct roms. I would like to thank you again. This site just gets better the longer I'm on it.

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