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I Want A New Comp

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Lucky :lol:


I dearly wanted a 9700 when I found out it beat nVidia in the benchs. I missed out on a great card.

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Yeah, the card is not that bad but my processor (Athlon T-Bird 1.4 ghz) and RAM (256 PC2100) is holding me back A LOT. I'm going to upgrade soon but my mobo doesn't allow any RAM faster than PC2100. I'm going to have to look for a cheap mobo+CPU+good fan combo and atleast 512 mb RAM.

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D'oh! I just saw this thread and wanted to add that if you live in a state that NewEgg charges tax in, Directron.com can come out cheaper overall. Well, for next time.


Let us know how it comes out, or if you need any help!


Edit: Oh yeah, and what'd you get?!

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