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Help! Computer Problems!

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It could be one of heaps of things. I think we need more information. Which games crash? What happens? What are your computer specs? What Windows are you using? Are there programs running in the background? etc

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Typical PC problems, you need to clarify the PC Specs and the game. For an easier shorten solution is, games does run on an indepent requirement, Even if u meet em, there are always more problems, and to fix that, there is always configurations.

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Specs are


P4 1.6ghz processor

Asus motherboard(i don't know what model but it's an asus)

256mb ddr ram

geforce 2 mx400 video card

sound blaster live 5.1 sound card

maxtor 37gb harddrive with 11.3gb free space (might help to know)

and some other drives


i'm running windows xp service pack 2 beta


i try to play CS, Starcraft, and Mame games..they all freeze, only programs i have running in the background is AIM, mIRC, and winamp.


it freezes and makes some beep that goes on forever.

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Darn, I cant believe i had yer problem before..but that happened 3 years ago.

my solutions:


-Let see, have you check yer CPU usage ? try not to overide a certain limit, it needs as much extra memory as possible to balance the PC process rate.


-Check yer Harddrive to see yer arent running out of HD space and such.


-Too many programs running at the same time could of done it.


-Try running the PC on safe mode after a reboot, (F8 to select safe mode).

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It can be because of the overheating. Make sure teh fan of your graphic card is working and also check the temperatures of your CPU and Motherboard in the BIOS.


And make sure you have no virus either

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