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Game - Sonic Jam 6

Platform - Genesis (hack)

Genre - Platform






Ever wanted to know if Sonic can beat Mario? Well in this hack, You can play as sonic in the MARIO WORLD! How cool is that!?


There is no storyline. I Don't know wtf Sonic is doing in Mario's World. But its really really bad just like this review I'm writing here.




Ok. Its in mario's world with mario's enemies. But RED SONIC!? When was sonic red? and Sonic can't even use the chaos emeralds, rings, or the spin dash making this game so bad but funny




Well since there are no rings, what can sonic use. He can use MUSHROOMS. He becomes a blue sonic. MAKes a good Insight On kids huh?


Speaking. This game is simply horrible but is interesting to see if you look for it.




Can you say they Screwed up?


Gameplay - 2

Sound - 2

Graphics - 1

Speed - 2


Overall score - F (2)

I give this game a :lol:

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