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Same guy that directed House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark is doing Bloodrayne.


That's right folks. It's already destined to suck. He even thinks that because he's putting a lesbian scene in the damn movie that it will be an instant hit because of that.







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And people b!tch about Paul Anderson not making his films exactly like the games. There's something those morons that believe that don't understand. Paul Anderson kept his films faithful to there origins. It may not be exact but it's faithful. Uwe just sh!ts out horrible ideas because he's a member of the Idiot Crowd and thinks it'll be successful for that.



I hate people.


I don't recall people b!thing at Paul when Mortal Kombat wasn't exactly like the game but because Resident Evil wasn't exactly like the first game. Pffft! They are thankful Romero didn't do it. I read the script and it's worst than anything Uwe can crap out.

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MK1 and RE2 was some goodsheit.


He can make good movie games. But not comic ones (god he ruined the comic)

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They gave Uwe Boll Far Cry AND Hunter: The Reckoning.  There is no smilie that expresses my displeasure.

Aye. Paul W.S. Anderson is like a director god compared to him.

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After watching HOTD, I promised myself never to watch another Ewe Boll movie again, no matter how much i liked the game version......


..unless I need a good laugh.

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