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-~exclusive~ Chankast Utilities By: Kryso


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Our new friend to the emulation scene, Kryso has developed several utilities for Chankast that will not only speed gameplay, but also has a region utility, and a proposed cheats system. He is also developing dual shock support as a utility as well for the emulator! Kryso has made support shock for Callus previously!


Currently here is the progress chart..


1. Speed Pig, for speed seeting. 90%

2. Cheat, for Cheat. 50%

3. ForceFeedback, for the dualshock. 10%

4. VMSManager, for Manage the VMS. 100%

5. ConfigureRegion, for setting the region. 100%

6. SnapIt, Snap pictures with hot key ALT+s. 95%

7. BugReport, link to here. 100%


Some information about Speed Pig, what it does is that it decreases the refresh time, it doesn't exactly improve the speed of your pc though. Each program has a delay time, not the same as frame skip, between each frame. What he does is, he improves the time up time. This makes the game substantially faster while being emulated as you can see the remarkable speed of the FPS in Screenshot 1 below.


You will find the first downloads for these utilities with Chankast only here on 1Emulation.com! Currently Kryso is setting up a webpage here on the site which will have further information. For screenshots, click the links below.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3


These are all 100% real and have been verified by us. We even have recieved a beta to further review it! Check back here soon for more information.

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Third Strike's bugs are all graphical, so those would be easiest to fix I would assume.

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This is awesome news! Very smart little extra utilities.

I wonder if you will be able to easily add cheats? It would be really nice to get a huge database together.


I think I need to meet this guy, maybe he and I could come up with something to fix the vga problem w/o having to re-record. Some sort of dummy file that fakes the emulator into thinking the cd-rom is correctly patched or something.

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I don't want to speak for them, but I don't think the chankast team will mind. He's not actually hacking the program, just adding extra utilities that work with the program. Its more of a really featured frontend than an actual hack. Actually hacking the program is what pisses off the authors.

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But don't hacks usually piss emulator authors off?

Yes, they do. I think this happened with NeoRAGEx as well; as the developers saw that people started hacking the last official release, they pulled the plug....but this is just a hypothesis.


Like Saiyanfire, I hope that the Chankast authors don't mind hacks.

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Well Sultan said its more like front-end than a hack so I guess that's better. Nothing was really done to the Chankast code, was it? If not then I don't think it really matters.

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