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The Chankast Screenshots Thread *56k Warning*

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With Print Screen and Paint, I give you screenshots! These are my backups, I took them. If you want to use them, please link to this thread.

I'm doing this thread, to show some of the games on the Compatabilties List (That you can get here)that work with the glitchs that will be hopefully fixed in later versions. All games were ran on both EURO and NTSC bios.


Edit: To keep this thread getting out of hand with many pictures, please post 9 or less pictures in 1 post. No double posting(as in one after another) shall be allowed. There is a 56k Warning going out because of the amount of pictures to be seen.


Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (NTSC-USA)




Super Street Fighter 2 X: MatchMaking Service (NTSC-J)




The Last Blade 2: Final Edition (NTSC-J)




Capcom v.s. SNK 2 (NTSC-J)




Click here for all 35 pics (2.60MB download)

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Just to keep safe with the higher ups and 56kers, lets try to limit our selves :lol:

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