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Iq's Neo-geo Driver Generator

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This is my Neo-Geo Driver generator.

It automates (somewhat) the process or writing a Neo-Geo driver for FBA, Nebula, and MAME.



Note: You also need to know how to compile FBA and MAME. It is required that you know how to do this. If you don't, this generator may not be of any use to you.






Renamed Text Fix to 512 S Fix

Disabled checkboxes for P1, C1, M1, and V1 (Always have to be selected)

Removed all C & V sizes of 6 & 3mb

Removed V3+V4 size of 8mb

Added a MAME Options section

Added a Nebula Options section

(Fix No. and Cart ID)

Large amount of GUI tweaks

(Disable stuff, check boxes by clicking text, etc)

Changed preview text button to an Image

Added alt text for images.

Changed image for paste function

Added Bootleg

Spanish translation updated :D  Thanks as aways evils0u!

French translation updated :) Thanks again Squaresoft74!

Added a fifth 5 rom (V5) (Up to 2mb)





Slightly tweaked naming

Added MAME Driver and Nebula.dat output

(Please note that these are not 100% correct yet, but are very close.

-- For MAME + Nebula enabled Swap C, Swap V, and Swap P

-- For MAME enabled 512 S fix

-- For MAME enabled SRAM

-- For MAME enabled Gambling

-- For MAME + Nebula enabled Encryption stuff

-- For Nebula added Fix # input, Cart ID Input, Swap C type selection (3)

-- For MAME added ability to select which version of MAME the drivers will work with

-- For MAME added bank # selection (Only needed if encryption is selected)

-- For MAME added "Machine" selection (Raster, Neogeo, Ras320, Neo320).

-- For MAME fixed compatibility with.67

-- For MAME added SHA1 (Hash checking a lot like CRC )

-- -- Added sha1 error checking to error.js

-- -- Added great interface

-- For MAME fixed some games that require Region_Sound2

-- -- irrmaze, minasan, joyjoy, nam1975, maglord, maglordh, tpgolf, superspy

-- -- gpilots, lbowling, mahretsu, ncombat, ncombata, bstars, cyberlip

Added "add d?" (makes c1 -> c1d)

Added bootleg option (Nebula, MAME, FBA)




Updated FAQ

Changed settings.htm to re-direct to my fba page.

Added a list of games for each fix number [in docs folder] (Nebula).






Paste buttons (CRC) [internet Explorer only]

Error checking

(CRC length, etc)

Removed 1mb+ for S1 & M1d sizes

Removed 256kb and less for C sizes

Removed 256kb and less, and 16mb for V & P sizes

Removed Port. translation temporarily




Fixed Compatibility with Mozilla Firebird

Changed settings.html (just re-directs to my online settings page)




Fixed Prototype + Working (if both unchecked, NULL)

If Parent Name = NULL, clone = NULL

kotm2 Swap fix

(Use for kotm2 and sengoku2)







Easy translations

(Just translate lang/english.js & add/edit one line in generator.htm)

Automatic language switching

If Notes = None (or equivalent) or NULL, Generator writes NULL




French Translation Updated (Thanks Squaresoft74!)

Spanish Translation Updated (Thanks evils0u!)

Portugese Translation Updated (Thanks Minoplis!)

Most generator functions moved to generator.js

Removed readme.txt




Swap V (Thanks for reminding me James :) )

NeoSRAMProtection (Used by pulstar/disabled for now)

Slightly tweaked driver output

(Auto numbering, auto +d in generic naming (xxx-c1d.bin))




Get it here:



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Excellent dude. Maybe I can finally complie my own version of FBA now without that much fear of screwing up the drivers

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Excellent dude. Maybe I can finally complie my own version of FBA now without that much fear of screwing up the drivers

hehe even then it can have problems due to the driver int part it does the rest pretty much perfect. :D

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ok, i'm using the generator for the first time for mame and i noticed SHA1 values are needed for mame but i have no idea what they are :) any help?


i'm just trying to add pnyaa to test for my first compile of mame ox 76

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hmm well i'm getting an error using this driver:

Add this near the middle of NEOGEO.C (src/drivers/) before the init section.

ROM_START( pnyaa )
ROM_REGION( 0x100000, REGION_CPU1, 0 )
ROM_LOAD16_WORD_SWAP( "267-p1.rom", 0x000000, 0x80000, CRC(400FD762) )

/* The Encrypted Boards do _not_ have an s1 rom, data for it comes from the Cx ROMs */
ROM_REGION( 0x20000, REGION_GFX1, 0 )
ROM_FILL(                 0x000000, 0x20000, 0 )
ROM_REGION( 0x20000, REGION_GFX2, 0 )
ROM_LOAD( "sfix.sfx",  0x000000, 0x20000, CRC(354029fc) )

NEO_BIOS_SOUND_128K( "267-m1d.bin", CRC(5A3B3191) )

ROM_LOAD( "267-v1d.bin", 0x000000, 0x200000, CRC(D3A7E1FF) )


ROM_REGION( 0x1000000, REGION_GFX3, 0 )
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "267-c1.rom", 0x0000000, 0x800000, CRC(87A833D8) )
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "267-c2.rom", 0x0000001, 0x800000, CRC(FF7428DD) )

Add this in the middle of NEOGEO.C (src/drivers/) in the init section. 

DRIVER_INIT( pnyaa )
neogeo_fix_bank_type = 1;

Add this at the bottom of NEOGEO.C (src/drivers/)

GAMEB( 2003, pnyaa, neogeo, neogeo, neogeo, neogeo,  pnyaa,   ROT0, "Akiy", "Pochi And Nyaa" )

Add this at the bottom of DRIVER.C (src/)

DRIVER( pnyaa )	/* (c) 2003 Akiy */


the error is: Unresolved External Symbol_driver_pnyaa

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are you sure you're putting the driver_init, the GAMEB macro, and the Driver declaration(or whatever it's called) in the right places?


and are you putting the correct amount of spaces?

Edited by Weirdanzeige
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it was the spaces for this part:
GAMEB( 2003, pnyaa, neogeo, neogeo, neogeo, neogeo,  pnyaa,   ROT0, "Akiy", "Pochi And Nyaa" )

It's Aiky not Akiy....if you want to be a perfectionist. :)

Edited by Agozer
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