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Ok, I'm New To Mame And I Have Some Questions...

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How do you get rid of the certain blurriness on the screen? It's like Interpolation on the NeoRAGEx.


Will this game run games you can play on the NeoRAGEx?


And finally, what is the latest build?

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Vhat video card do you have, btw?


The there shouldn't be any kind of filtering, unless you applied such before starting a game. Try different resolutions. Some video cardds also have a buil-in blur effect, that's why I'm asking about your video card.


MAME usually needs specific Neo-Geo romsets, so I don't think NeoRAGEx set will work, but I'm not sure. (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)


The latest version of MAME is 0.81u9. But that's the *original* MAME, I don't know about the different MAME builds.

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I would suggest trying mame32 plus. It's a gui version of mame with lots of enhancements. It should have the graphics setting you want.

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Weirdanzeige i thank you!


I tryed some of the options for configurations that you did in your mame config thread since you said you get no blur and i worked!  :lol:

...it works on the capcom games as welll


...so....umm..do you like the configurations?

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