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Small Kofneowave Update


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I don´t know if that´s the post you mean, but i should mention that the post at Orochinagi from ShadowSonic is taken from a post i made at snk-capcom (ShadowSonic is a regular in both forums, and he usually copies and pastes stuff like that - nothing wrong with that) and neo-geo.com... later i mentioned it in THIS forum.


It probably got lost in the Samurai Shodown thread, but it is there.


Anyway, the button set up was





With C being Heat.


Now it´s





With E being Heat.


Other changes are:


5 fights instead of 7 before Geese (people were complaining about taking too long to reach him - sometimes 30 minutes?!?).


Time of the Heat mode and Gauge use.


Priority and strength of moves (King was toned down from her God Tier status).


Stuff like that. They are still tweaking the game in each loke (there´s been 3 already).


The links i got the info was:




And the sites inside (linked). Now, i don´t know japanese, so that´s only what i got superficially. Anyone that knows japanese is more than welcome to check all the links and post the info here.


I wish we had more videos and pics...


MMcafe = from the very resourceful forums, even though the main page isn't updated anymore :P

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This is starting to sound more and more interesting...Lets hope they fix up the bugs etc.


I dunno why people are complaining about the length being to long...if its was 5 fights instead of 7 (as it is now) people would say its too short....

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If only K9999 and Angel are created by Playmore.......:lol:

I regret May Lee the most...........

and yeah K9999, Angel and Foxy shouldave been SNKP chars not under f#$%&^ Eolith license; and the f^&*%$ won't sell the chars to SNKP cuz theyre biatches;

Ok, 2 birds one stone;


Click here and read it carefully until you understand.

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