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Great Site For Free Independent Movies!

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I have to tell you guys about this website I found. It's http://www.movieflix.com.

There are ALOT of movies on that site. you can sign up for free but out of the 'mainstream' movies, the only 'free' ones you can watch are the REALLY old (ie 1930's) movies.


But that's not why I like it, if you sign up you get free access to ALL the 'indie' films (16 PAGES worth of them!!! :unsure: ). I've seen 2 so far: '20 dollar hooker' and 'bathroom boardroom', and they've both been HILARIOUS! If you like low-budget, independent films as much as I do, you HAVE to check out this site


And the best thing is there are two choices for streaming: Narrowband and Broadband, so I'm guessing that means even you 56kers can watch them!

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