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OK, my little brother just had a baby but him and the girl are not together now. Of course he plans on doing everything he can to support his daughter but the mother is one crazy girl and has been bugging the crap out of me and my parents. The biggest problem is her dad and some other guy constantly threatening to "hack" mine and my parent's computers.


I'm on a dialup and running anti-virus and firewall programs all the time, so I don't think there's much that could happen, but is there anyother precautions I could be taking? It's getting really annoying worrying about my computer anytime I'm sleeping and my brother happens to get online. I don't know how capable these guys are, all they've managed to do that I know of so far is hack my brother's email and instant messenger accounts.


I do get port-scanned atleast once a week lately, sometimes more. But as far as I know, nothing is getting through.

You shouldn´t be worried, you said they hacked the email right?, meybe when ur brother was at using a common pc to them, they managed to keep msm to remember the password and so that´how they hacked it, why haven´t thay hacked anything else yet? wouldn´t you do it if you have the knowledge?, also if they keep bothering just tape them or record any conversation so you can acuse them with proves, else, well, don´t tell anyone but... i know someone that for a few bucks...... just kidding :D


Besides, if you are on dial up, doesn´t dial up change the ip every time you connect? how can they hack a changing ip? that´s you best weapon.

Yeah, the ip is dynamic-so it definitely wouldn't be easy. I guess there is one good thing about having dialup right now :(. Lately things have calmed down, so my paranoia is settling a bit lol.

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