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Play Some Xbox Online!


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666 it depends on the game lol , xbox is good for a couple of reasons , it plays emus , it has a hd for gamesaves , games , and download content or you could just wait till the next gen consoles come around :P

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Ya, It Might Just Be Halo 1. My Friend Said That It Runs Like Crap. And I Kinda Like The Semi-Old Stuff, But If Any Thing Good Comes Out Of The Nexgens, I Might Concidder Buying One.

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hey quick question, I’ve been searching up and down a ton of forums and i can't recall where i saw it. maybe some can redirect me to the red hearing lol. any how i once saw a post that talked about playing emus online with xboxlink or something. does any one know if this is at all true? i remember reading that the guy who posted said he could but arhhhhhh the woes he didn't say how. been doing some digging but i've found nothing at all on this anywhere on any of the tunneling pages.



I have done it,, :(

glitch hook a man up! please. :-( any chance i can get u to post a how to or at least ur setup. lets get some alpha3 online man. i know you want some of this.


if your still around the forums here are some links of how to get online play in xport emus just replace the xx with tt hxxp://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=415478






Is anyone using XLink??


I set that thing up and it's pretty awesome so far. Pretty large user base as well.


i use xlink i used to use it alot if anyone is up for some unreal championship 1 or liandri conflict im game

got a bunch of other games to

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