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How Do I Burn Bin/cue Files?

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Huh? I've never seen an autoboot image in BIN/CUE format. The only way would be if the CUE sheet was offset appropriately (probably using cdirip). You can burn it with CDRWIN. Click the last icon on the left top row and then choose Load Cuesheet. You should then select burn. You can burn it with Nero also (don't know how since I don't use Nero that much). If you want to be autoboot (if it's not), just grab bin2boot from MegaGames in the Dreamcast utilities section. If it has external CDDA, you'll need to grab another bin2boot. I have that version if you need it. If the CDDA is in the BIN file, you can use binchunker and then the CDDA bin2boot (if you set up the CUE correctly).

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Just so you know, the reason groups like echelon and kalisto never released bin/cue selfboots (diskjugger instead) is that the bin/cue format can't handle the funky layout of selfboot cds. If you find a bin/cue dreamcast iso, you can be assured that it is not self booting.

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Does it support loading multiple CUE sheet files? I don't know how the autoboot BIN/CUE files you've seen worked, but from what I know about CDIRip, you could either get one CUE sheet (for the audio track) or two. In the CDIRip documentation it says that CDRWin doesn't support burning ISOs like that, but FireBurner does. BTW, Shiba, what did your autoboot BIN/CUE files look like?

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