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New Fbaxghozt V4


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You need all the background images in order for gogos to load







as well as the other png's i guess....


That is how I fixed a loading prob anyways...


best luck....


btw; special version OWNS =) find it on gueux forums

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Well folks, I posted the urls for his FBAX.rar adn the source, but it doesnt take too long for him to catch on and take the files on his site. But, check out the usla nesgrups and you maybe able to find them re-posted there as well.

what do you mean "catch on" like if its a secret and were not supposed to have these things?


Hes been very open and giving of his stuff. Its all the damn leechers from here and the other site that dont create some mirros to keep things goin.


Plus were not trying to steal his work and call it our own........so theres no reason to take files from his site. Im sure it was a bandwidth issue.

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I agree we need more mirrors. I have enabled my webspace on freesurf.fr but as yet it does not seem enabled. (not sure how much traffic it allows either, but the mailbox is very generous). Best I could do for now is share it from Emule :P

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Your probably right, Gogo's FBA files probably ate much of the bandwidth and he might have seen the urls posted on other forums and pulled out or something. I was guessing. Thats kinda why I say get em while you can, before its gets abused. And I await for his next verson so I can see what else is new to test out. <_<

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Prican25, why no posts to the alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo anymore? What do you say......help a news server fan out?

i made a post of the latest fbaxghost (4.1) + ghostlop rom :( i'm gonna try working on using gogo's for furture releases but as i'm seeing in that french forum he has made a final version so i'll guess thats that till b5 comes out :(


few things to note:


theres a few extra png's in the previews folder and thats due to my own compiles so not every game in ghozt's goes by png's (sengoku 3 png might need a rename and possibly a few others)


i also added game config info for anyone who missed out on how to edit the ini's for roms in the tdata of fbax


cps1/2 fix was added (notice 4.1 hehe) thx to gogo for finding that


now pochi and nyaa driver was added but the game doesn't work properly (needs a redump)


and as you know, ghostlop with the small fart sounds <_<

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