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How Tall/short, Fat/skinny Are You


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Ah well..just pust your height and weight here just...because


you can post other stuff concerning your health or something




me? I'm about 230lbs, 5.7ft and ummm...I drink a lot of caffeine, meat, fruit, and liquor every once in a while


soo..yeah, I'm a short fat sh¡t...not the good kind of fat either



...and if you're gonna make fun of me, go ahead, I don't care, I won't do anything but laugh along with you :blink:

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Sorry, but I'm not familiar with your measurement system, so I'll have to post in the metric system, sorry.


I guess I'm happy with my size...I'm not that tall, and it used to get to me, but now I don't really mind. I kind of like being short-medium size (in height, that is :blink: )


I'm about 174 cm tall (5 foot 6? 5 foot 7?)


I weigh about 60 kilos, but it goes up and down by a few kilos regularly.

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I'm not too familiar with the american measurement system so...


I'm roughly 176 cm (short for my age) and weigh a little over 50 kilos. (Yes, I'm underweight and I never gain any weight, no matter how much I eat...it's somehow related to some issues at birth.)

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