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A 1emulation Photoshop. I Got Mad Skillz!


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Hmm... the only thing is, is tat not an ostrich?

Well I typed in "emu" in Google Image Search and that picture was on the first page. So I assumed it was an emu and didn't do any further research. But I think that ostriches are bigger and have more tail feathers.

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Atleast Weirdanzeige and BobRedThorp appreciate good art. The rest of you are uncultured arse-holes. Take an art appreciation course!  :D

heh heh, I agree


we should have a 1emulation mascot, game cops Emu!
LMAO!!!!!! true!!! :lol: Edited by Weirdanzeige
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Ah good old Rod Hull, he is missed  :lol:

do u remember the headlines?

i think it was the sun that had "LIVED CRAZY DIED CRAZY!"

and had a diagram showing the route which he fell down the roof !!

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