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Any Martial Artist?

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Anyone in here train in martial arts? If so put what styles you have trained in and what you are currently training in right now and what you think of it. Thanks hope to hear from you guys.

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Well i guess im currently training in boxing, but im still not too sure if i want to go to silver gloves(jr. boxing olympics)

Do it. If I had a chance like that i would take it.

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Well, I used to take Shorin-Ryu and Kenpo. I enjoyed both quite well. Although Kenpo felt more unique rather than Shorin-Ryu. I tried Hung Ghar (sp?) kung fu. Southern Shaolin style. I was quite interested, I'll probably try it sometime.

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Let's see...


When i was a young lad around 8 i studied some style karate, i forget the style till i was 10.


10-12 3/4 I was heavily into this new technology called: PLAYSTATION :( / hormones and all that good stuff.


When i turned 13 i got back into martial arts with my friend and my friend was an expert on northern wing chun and tai chi quan.


The wing chun never really took off for me but i was big on the tai chi.


From 13-15 we studied various styles of kung fu and fused them with our own style.


when i got to HS i met this korean guy and he was a big on tae kwon do, so he taught me a few things.


Sophmore year i moved schools AGAIN so i never saw that guy anymore and now a days i still do tai chi quan, basic exercises to keep myself in shape and flexable, and mainly do PILATES to keep slim.


:lol: and that's my story.

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I've a first degree black in both Choi Kwang and Shil Yong Do, which are offshoots of Tae Kwon Do, as well as base blacks in Jiu Jiutsu and Airi Ki.


I don't do much since I blew out a knee on a gym floor, after being pulled off one of those inflatable obstacle courses. :/


EDIT: I've debated checking out this systema guy who's been around lately, but I haven't had the time, it seems.

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I took basic karate when I was in 4th grade in India. Got my ass kicked and then I quit.  :( That's the sad story of my life.

It's not sad. I have trained for nearly ten years but i am to lazy post it right now. i'll post it in a few minutes. But yea i'll say one thing if you can't tell by my avitar and sig i train in jeet kune do among others.

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