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kofchile.cl has been hacked

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Gamecop the Naomi Stunt, which many of the people who have posted in this thread are refering to went something like this....


KOFChile posted on their website that the Naomi systems encryption had been cracked and an emulator including MvS2 was released....They had a link to the file, which turned out to be a fake...Many newbies fell for this and we pretty upset...


But the main thing was that the Stunt was initiated by the people working on the Naomi System and not KOFChile...so whoever hacked KOFChile either is an idiot and hacked the wrong people or they just wanted to hack it...either way it was uncalled for...


*NOTE* If the above post is incorrect please correct me.....:lol:

I'm pretty much with you on that.

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wait, don't you memmer on A@H when they said they found your compile at kof chile and the dudes were saying it was crappy?

Yes i do and i contacted them.they were going to remove the link.but in the end it stayed on the site and they asked me to let them know of updates.which i did for awhile.

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they really deserved actually, for the stuff mentioned above and for also distributing James MAME and saying that it was a crappy compile...and those dumb flocks don't even know how to compile...they might say something like "ohh...es que no tenemos el tiempo"(oh, its cause we don't have time)...and other excuses

they had the time to add roms, post news, check and reply to forums but dont have the time to compile MAME??



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They are probably to dumb to compile their own version of MAME :lol:


They think they are 1337 but they are just wannabe punks... :-D

lol, :lol: they have less IQ than James.

Hahahaha....Nice one Tidus. :D I'm sure james appreciates that.

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