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Coolest super move(s) in a fighting game


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I won't poll this since it would be a long-ass poll...


But what character has the coolest super move, in your opinion?


I'll start with a few:


* Iori's Ya Otome --> Saika (Pure Ownage)

* Hibiki's Shi o Osorenu Kokoro Nari (No Fear Faint) SDM in Last Blade 2/CvS2

* Every super that Kouryu pulls off in Last Blade 2

* EX Faust's Konshuu no Yamaba Instant Kill in GGX2 (The Afro move) ;)

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Captain Commando's Captain Storm :


I'm a sentai freak so..... ^^


Yamazaki's HSDM (And LDM in KOF2003) :


The one where he repeteadly stabs the opponent (His pose before the stabbing was well... Priceless... XD) on the ground then in the end bites them and throws with his teeth......


Any of Hinako's special moves :


Well, it kinda makes me wonder a petite schoolgirl like that can throw the likes of Chang just like that...... O_o


Most of Lin's moves :


For some reason, Duo Lon's specials don't impress me, but Lin does.....

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Ino's Last Will and Testment

Slayer's All Dead


Yoshitora's QCB+CD Special

Faust's This Week's Climax

Kyo/Kusangi No Style HSDM/SDM/DM/LDM/what ever

Akuma's Murderous Intent(ITS NOT RAGING DEMON)

Hibiki's Hasshou Suru Shinki Nari and Shi O Osorenu Kokoro Nari

Setsuna's Mumei Kyoku no Tsui


i'm done ;)

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I like captain americas "final justice"


He mad dogs you, then he runs and kicks your azz, then he dive bombs you.

(kool-aid guy)OH YEAH!


I also like alex's "boomer Rang raid" in SFIII

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K's Chain Drive. Throwing his sunglasses and a barrage of attacks, just uber-cool.


Iori's Ya Otome + Saika. Just too cool.


Geese/Rock Howard's Deadly Rave - Awesome move.


Kim Kaphwan/Jae Hoon/Dong Hwan - Hou'ou Kyaku/Ore-sama Hou-Ou Kyaku

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Ya, Terry's Super Desperation Move In 2003 When He Saids "Max Pow-wa" (Thats What I Hear) And K''s Chain Driver In 2003, Gotta Love That Heat Driver In The End.

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