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Which version do you usually download?

Which version do you usually download?  

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I usually download both japan and u.s versions



...sometimes on the u.s versions of games, they tend to cut out or censor some violence and other stuff


...or if its a game like Recca No Hono(Flame of Recca) thats only in japanese, I'll get that (I like getting games I've seen the anime for, especially Love Hina)

Yeah man, Love Hina Advance just plain rocks :lol:.....Although I haven't gotten too far yet (Motoko is far too keen on beating Keitaro's sorry ass). :-D

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I've beaten it already, its pretty easy, I was playing that one that was patched to have all the choices and stuff in english. The possiblities are funny though

Yeah, I have the english patch as well...oh well, time for another go with it...tomorrow.

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