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What's the status of Icarus?

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Icarus? The dreamcast emulator? It hasn't been released, when/if it is released it should run on decent machine (they'll release required system specs when the dynarec is finished) You can download games for it on direct connect.

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i got a rare leaked copy, its probably a really old beta


it pretty much runs whatever you throw at it, all the performance is entirely based on your machine specs


crappy computer-crappy emulation


nice computer-somewhat good emulation in certain games

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ok well sorry for the mistake, this just shows you how long its been since i used it :P



I got it off my other PC and opened it, and it was like, ok this is cool this must be it, and when i went to check the version because i wanted to know if it was a beta or something, and it turned out to be a poorly hacked version of DreamEmu meant to perform slightly better, and pass off as Icarus

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No mate, its cool,


I wasnt saying you where wrong, I was only saying Icarus is still being worked on, a lot of people think its been discontinued,


I'm looking forward to future information on its development, I'll post as I hear :D

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