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New P1 Hero for KOF2K3


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Hi there!!

Well there is a 2 new P1 for Kof2k3 both for Neorage, the first one of 8megas CRC EA232DF9 and the second one 7megas crc 73474729 that add the HERO to the Screen and let you play with the final bosses, also showing the pics of the faces of all the bosses in the screen where you chose character.

Im doing some test in KawaX and FBAX Ghozt and Yoshihiro, but still Frezzen in star some one have some progress??????

Or this one´s are not Still Compatible with KawaX??

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Your P's are freezin on FBAX cuz the driver was written for 7mb p rom.


ill check it out.


Well it seems that HERO P is also 7mb. I looked at it and it acts the same way the original kof2k3 p roms did before pmame.bin.


maybe Darkzone can fix it?


use debug bios to select the bosses in the meantime on fbax

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