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New NeoGeo rom

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That's right, a buddy over @ neogeo.com kindly has had his prototype MVS cart of the puzzle game "Zintrick" dumped.


How many protos of this cart there are is unclear, the game was only officially available in Japan only for the Neo Geo CD, in limited quantities at that, so this is a real rare treat:)


There is no music, but the sound & speech is present.


The rom weighs in around 2MB and is playable immediately in NeorageX


PM for link of course;)


Plays kind of like a flipped version of Puyo Puyo, some screens for your pleasure:





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sweet!!! ill wait till its fully working though

it does fully work. i doubt there is music in it considering its a prototype.



here is dat



System: NEO

RomName: Zintrick

Game: Zintrick (Prototype)

























CartridgeID: 211

GfxCrypt: 0

GfxKey: 0

ButLayout: 9

Fix: 0

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For anyone that hasn't gotten this rom yet...here you go:-


-Link removed. Read board rules.-


To Download The Above File You Must Right Mouse Click On The Link And Select Save Target As


Thanks to N3OGhozt for hooking this rom up :lol:


*EDIT* For all of the xbox owners N3OGhozt has been kind enough to send me a new Default.xbe for FBAx so that you can play Zintrick on the xbox. Just replace your previous Default.xbe with the following:-


FbaxGhost v3

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Any idea when this game came out for the Neo-Geo CD and when this prototype cart was made?

The cd version was released 3.22.96 and the cart version was probably made around the same time period.



The m1 rom contains a date of March 22, 1995




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