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Which fighter has the best stage music?


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Kof99 and Kof2k tie at best music IMO.


Kof99 - Ikari Team (WWIII)

Kof2k - Ikari Team (The Trooper)

Kof99 - Korean Team (Way to Rebirth)

Kof2k - Korean Team (Wild Party)

Kof99 - Shin Kyo (Tears)

Kof99 - Iori (Sadistic Eyes)

Kof2k - Goodbye Esaka (Kyo)

Kof2k - Benimaru Team (Inner Shade)

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Guilty Gear X2 has the best damn tunes there is...On the Neo-Geo, it has to be in Garou (Rock's stage especially). The dude who did the music for Garou must have been listening Robert Miles' Children over and over again when he composed Rock's music. ;)

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