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Get Xbox Live/PS2 Broadband To Work With Dialup


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im not trying to piss you off but i cant see this working for everyone. I was discussing it with a friend on live and he told me he knew some guys who used this with there dial up. He said they lagged out so much they ended up buying dsl. Maybe it works for u, but majority wont have such good luck. i even got hella lag back in the dreamcast quake3 days. also what are u up and down speeds im curious. you can check them by going to connection setup connecting and then press y.

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yet another game that works Flawlessly with this trick


Counter Strike


I was at a friends house on broadband, we set up a program to monitor its bandwidth







Bwahahaha I win.


In fact, im downloading a file right now, AND playing, and NOOOO LAG!!

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by the way, im not sure what my actual speeds are, because ive gotten downloads at like 8KbPS, but the window built into XP will say something completly different, and all that other crap


Ive also uploaded at like 11KbPS


If you need screenshots of this i can get them

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