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Puyo Puyo and Psyvariar 2

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Did you mean Puyo Puyo 4 for DC? Im lookin the game at it suprnova.(but it only has one seed.)


Check in the Games/DC area :P

Not puyo puyo 4. They want puyo puyo fever :D

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Yes Puyo Puyo Fever has been ripped and is floating on the net. Psyvariar 2 has not.

And DanManXZ, you are correct. It is being shared in Classic Sega, by me and only me at this time (As well as in Emu Rom Hub)

Do not however come bug me for a slot, wait your turn people. :P

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IJTF_Cinder just posted Puyo Puyo fever at suprnova for all those who care  :P.

Damn, you beat me to it.


Anyway, PLEASE leave the torrent open as long as you can! I can't seed this thing forever, but I will keep my tracker up and running till demand for it dies right out.

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