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Student arrested for taking Game Boy BOMB


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use the google.com translator its better


some people say freetranslation.com is better, but they are wrong, but try it anyway i guess

Yeah, but as far as I know, Google only translates websites, which means that if words are not in the main text (ie in buttons or graphic headers) they do not get translated. Also, if you are in a secure area (ie somewhere you have to give a password to, it will not translate, as you will just get an "access denied" thingy. Thats why I sometimes have to go to babelfish to manually enter words.

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:D  ;)  :lol:


What an idiot  :P


Man I'm glad that kid got arrested. he could of hurt a lot of innocent people....and plus nintendo would of gotten a bad name :P

meh...Nintendo Stop producing GBC/GB...lol but how funny it is.stupid students nowadays <-----------Read this if u r student

No offence but to those who make bombs

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