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FBAx B4 - Help and Downloads


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i thought the n3oghost pack had the crc's disabled but i tried loading kof2k3 and it said i had incorrect crc's. the other fbax that i dl with kof2k3 posted by recah (sorry if misplled name) worked great.


off subject question does any1 know if surreal 64 is goign to be updated or is it going to be updated?

Nah, my compile doesnt have anything disabled. Its basically the officially released build by lantus with added driver support for:


Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003

Metal Slug 4 - 5

Power Instinct Matrimelee

Rage of the Dragons

Samurai Shodown V

Sengoku 3

Snk vs. Capcom Chaos/ Plus

The King of Fighters 2001,02 and 03


And the drivers are all based on MY ROMSETS not anyone elese.....so this is why some people have the crc issue.


these compatibility issues with romsets is nothing new however... as with new updates to PC emulators we have to scrounge around for certain roms to replace, etc. based on fixes, or what have you.


None of the roms i used are special or created by me, just same stuff everyone else could find around the net.



But thats besides the point since the xbe can be Hexed to read your rom and as weve seen with other emus, check crc/size can be disabled all together (pretty cool trick id like to learn).


Play your games, get help from your friends here and have fun.

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big news, fbaxgh0st v2 is gonna be released soon in newsgroups and to anyone who aim/msn me. :angry:


you can pm as well with your email.


crc/size disabled

no more stinking cube

new background made by glitch and nib by ghost

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i did a minor error on my first post of the emu (no default.xbe) but i already made a repost of it :angry:


also those of you that send pm's for the emu i'm only gonna send the default.xbe since some of you have smaller limits


ok just ran into a prob, the crc part is fine but when it comes to different sizes it doesn't go through (and locked my box up but it sometime does that).


i have tried mslug5 with a 64k m1d where the emu is set for 128k


also tried my kof2k1 with a 128k m1d where the emu is set for 256k


kof2k1 m1d 128k is normal if you download the game now as the 256k is what kawa-x is set for which is wrong.

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ok i can confirm that both artik's and gh0st's size checks disabled don't work so that will have to be something you wanna hex if you run into that prob. (crc disabled is fine on both)


Vagabond why can't you play it? i know some ppl had probs with it but was easily fixed by either bios update or fixing the clock. someone i ran into had to change directories and it worked. odd but it worked

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