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Is this a graphics card problem?

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I am new to the whole world of MUGEN (yes I am a newb :lol: ). Anyways, I just got the the newest version of MUGEN a few days ago and I have the run it on windows XP (like a lot of other people). I went through and corrected all the video stuff so that it can run on my computer.

Here are my settings:


;Enter the width and height of the resolution you want to set here.

;The optimal resolution is 320x240, but if your video card has problems

;You may want to try 640x480.

Width = 640

Height = 480

This is the color depth at which to run MUGEN. You should set it to

;16 bit color unless your video card has problems with it.

;16-fastest, 24,32-slower, 8-slowest/worst

Depth = 16

Set this parameter to 0 to disable screen stretching, and set it to 1 if

;you want to scale it up to fit the current resolution.

Stretch = 0

Set this parameter to use a resolution-doubling filter. You will

;need a fast machine to use these filters. You will need to increase

;the screen resolution to at least 640x480 for these modes.

;0 - off

;1 - diagonal edge detection

;2 - bilinear filtering

;3 - horizontal scanlines

DoubleRes = 0

Choose from "1" for VESA1, "Linear" or "Banked" for VESA2, and "3" for


;Note: VESA1 is very slow on certain video cards, especially the newer

;ones. "Linear" or "3" is usually the fastest for new cards.

;Default is "Linear".

Vesamode = 1

Set to 1 to enable vertical retrace synchronization.

VRetrace = 0


NOW, when I run MUGEN it does show a screen but it is all messed up. It's all broken up and disstorted and when I change the Double Res settings in only changes in how it is broken up. And it is actually working, when I push the buttons to start playing it does play. I can hear the sounds of the fighters fighting and see a little movement in the broken up screen. But my question is is this a graphics card problem or is this something else? Like maybe I need to download a better version of VESA (is that what its called?) or maybe my settings are still messed up? I did try different settings but nothing fixes it. :(


Any help would be appreciated.


Oh and by the way, just so you know I HATE WINDOWS! There's always a problem with it. :P

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