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PocketSNES is OUT!!! Yes Thats Right SNES!!!!

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The *.smc are the SNES roms....you have to start the PocketSNES program then select the SNES roms you want to add to it then click the save button and then a new file names PocketSNES.gba will be made -> Just load it up like anyother GBA game and hey presto your playing SNES roms :D

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thankyou force :-D


oh uh... another dumb question... does the sound work yet on CV4? if so how? :-D

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yeah I figured. but no harm in askin. patiently I'll wait n' listen 2 those MIDIs u threw me :$$$:

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This looks pretty awesome, for I hope they will complete the project one day...it would be like a dream come true to play Chrono Trigger, FF6, Ogre Battle (both), etc... on the gba... ;)


Btw is there by chance a wonderswan rom to gba rom converter yet...that would be a dream come true as well :( ?

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Is it really that important to play snes games portable. I bet at least 60% of the time u feel like playing a snes game, you are already in front of your PC.


and that's only if you actually own the flash cart thingy. Seems like a bit of a waste of time to me...

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