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What does your desktop look like?


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I happen to like windows. I do all my burning (linux doesnt like my burner) and gaming in windows. I do all my programming and artwork (as the screenshot shows) in linux. Best of both worlds. Why confine yourself to one os. use them all and reap the benefits.

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My Desktop is pretty organized. I really only use my Desktop for my Emulators and such. I keep the FAQ folder there, and in it I have a bunch of text documents that are moveslists for games in case I need 'em. I keep the hex editor there, it's very useful in many situations. Um... I don't have a background because I never bothered to put one. As you can see, I use Nebula. I think Nebula is the best of the Emulators... its graphics are better than Kawaks, it has more features like a better macro system that I hardly ever use but it's there so it's still cool... um... better blithers and blending and rendernig (which kind of falls into the better graphics category), and you don't have to pause emulation every time you exit... that annoys the hell out of me when I'm playing kof2003. Also, the sound runs better. As you can see in the other shot, my computer isn't the problem, so don't gimme that crap and say that's why Kawaks doesn't measure up to Nebula :).


Anyway, I use my taskbar for other things, like Flash MX Professional 2004, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Winzip, etc. I keep my mIRC, with the script that I made for it, on there, but I rarely ever use it anymore. I keep Nesticle on there for the good ole' NES games... like Final Fantasy 1-3. ZSNES is kind of self-explanatory, along with ePSXe... um... Kawaks dev, duh... um... Visual Boy advance is self-explanatory... and ZincGUI is the GUI version of Zinc so I can play Star Gladiator 2 and Street Fighter EX 2 Plus :)


These shots were bad quality so I fixed them up as well as I could with Photoshop.

They're pretty big for pictures, so give 'em a minute.


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


edit by IJTF_Cinder: Use a link instead with such huge pictures. They complete screw the forum up and force dialup users to wait on huge images.

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Why is everyone and their mum using window$?

WindowsXP isn't that bad of an OS. I don't care what all those Linux stooges say. And I used to run gNOME Linux on my second PC so I'm not talking out of my ass.

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As for the Linux issue...


Well, Windows XP is a good OS. ME was terrible... 2000 had bugs. You see, Bill Gates tries to make each version of Windows less dependant on MS-DOS because he hates the fact that he can't have Windows without DOS (since he just bought DOS and didn't make it himself like Windows). That's why ME was so bad. But in XP he must have given up or something because it runs very stabily. There are lots of security flaws to let you get hacked, but Linux is even worse... although only hackers use Linux so nobody is stupid enough to hack someone on Linux anyway.


There's no reason to run Linux on a newer machine though. Linux is better for programming and hacking, but from my experience, the older your computer is the better Linux runs on it, as long as it's like 5 years old or newer than that.

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