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Valentine's Day


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My St. Valentines Day Was Nice





*Kim And I Action Shot*


I liked how this picture turned out :)

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Love is selfless... so instead of moping around feeling self pity I went out to share the love of Christ with others :lol: The misconception of the world today is love is self focused on themselves and because of that all is misconshrewed. In addition Valentines day was actually founded by. St. Valentine was throw in prison for his faith and their he preached the love of Christ to others. Just here to encourage that our the true meaning of Valentines day even though it may ignite the flames of dispute, especially because this is a secular forum. My apologies for any "offense" this may have caused but its just what i did for valentines day =)

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He wasn't talking about your picture. He was making fun of my family relations to Kenny G.

Come now Mr. Gryph... Kenny G's methods of "entertaining" the public are questionable at least, but we can't let that interfere with our strong friendship. :mrgreen:

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