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Definition of an old school gamer?


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It's a pity that true gamers are hard to find in this new generation of shithead children. I remember once I was in Electonics Boutique and these two 11 year olds (I'm assuming they were 11 because they were so stupid) were arguing which game was better based solely on GRAPHICS! I think they were comparing Ratchet and Clank and the new Prince of Persia game. They weren't comparing how those 2 games actually play totally different from each other and have completely different styles. They were rationalizing their decisions solely on graphics. If one of those kids was my child, I would have smacked him upside the head and forced him to play the classics. "Sit! Now play Super Mario Bros.! Play Zelda 1! Play Pitfall!" 


And the future is going down the toilet ;)

absolutely right. i was so mad when someone sed street fighter 2 is the worst game ever. kids nowadays are too spoiled with flashy graphics.


i understand sf2 or the other old fighting games we used to enjoy are old, but dammit these games made fighting games. jus wanna kick those kids haha. ;)

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I really enjoy playing vg not matter how old they are, and now is better bceause you can play any old game with your xbox´s emulators... the other day i was playing pitfall:the lost caverns in my coleco´s emulator then i switched to my intellivission´s one and started playing He-man (mine original cartidge never worked :D ), then i switched to snes, God!! so much fun....

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Hmmm... Old school gamer....


1)When graphics didn't matter.


2)When beating those game feels like a huge accomplishment (Because the darn game is so friggin HARD. But most games today...... :D )


3)Enjoys simple games. Games are supposed to be simple. Not 100% renditions of life.... XD


4)He/she cared about THE HIGHSCORE TABLE.


5)Doesn't care about the violence. Well the graphics are so different before they simply cannot be blamed for the violence in society.... XD

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That i do agree with. Most old school games were all about the high scores. Which is the reason i still play shooting games (especially dodonpachi daioujou)


Graphics are nice, but good gameplay takes precedence. Take sengoku Musou. That is possibly one of the best looking ps2 games out right now, but its just damn fun to play. Thats what make a fun game. But just because i like it doesnt mean im a graphics whore.

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