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i wanna know..


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-Kawaks doesn't hog resources like a fat 300-pound man on an all-you-can-eat nite.

-MAME is NOT good for computers (like mine) that are craptastic.

-Kawaks supports all of NeoRageX's ROMs and most of MAMEs as well.

-Kawaks is more user friendly. Very customizable controls and not much brain power needed to use it.


those are some of the reasons. Anon.

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Kawaks Is better because


1. Easier to load games


2. Easier to load cheats alt+c and select and you're off to go


3. easier and faster to configure the buttons


yadda yadda yadda etc etc


kawaks is just better, the only thing kawaks can't do better than mame is play games like mortal kombat and the other stuff :blink:


I have my kof's 94-2002, Samurai spirits, metal slugs rotd's and all that running on my kawaks 1.45 and that's pretty much all i need :blink:


people who are new to computers can even configure kawaks

mame has all this bullshi and crap on the screen :(

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...to me kawaks is more complicated than mame and nebula combined. It won't even run my games smoothly at full stretched full screen, and then the edges look all squary and it isn't that friendly to ppl who have old comps, hell it won't even load up for ppl who don't have a soundcard(just ask Disoblige)....it loads for me fine, but then I switch it over to full screen, squariness...disorder, everywhere, staticy sounds!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!!! make it stop!!!!!!! *switches over to mame*..ahh......thats better, good ol' full stretch with smoothness at 60fps..:blink:......


..I think kawaks would be a better emulator if it had d3d support, I like that better, it especially looks better when you have d3d and you combine it with 2xsai(though capcom games act like a chick on pms when I do that, ah well)

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kawaks was just an easy emulator to use for people like me who was a newbie a few months back. what i hate the most is the controllers for me is not as great. i got mah arcade stick programmed to kawaks and it would get stuck during gameplay. like it would continuosly jump or walk forward. i thought it was mah stick but on MAME it worked jus fine. anyways, yeah i wish the controller settings would be better bc u gotta change it constantly even if u changed the default ini., u still gotta reload it from the options. graphix wise, its pretty friendly with me when i put it on the tv out. MAME is pretty standard too, jus looks more complicated than Kawaks. Kawaks is pretty much MAME for DUMMIES. I like it haha. :blink:

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