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Pochi & Nyaa Link Here! Got it today

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The answer is here guys..


Link not allowed - Diso

Poirot explains it


By the way, if you use the m1 and v1 of zupapa, the decrypted c1, c2, s1 and p1 of pochi and the c1 c2 c3 and c4 of puzzle bobble 2 you get a pretty damn good image, but no where near perfect.


P.S. if you make a.dat for kawaks 1.46 using these roms rename your 267-c1 and c2 like this





For some reason the emu crashes if you don't put a space after the c roms?



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sorry guys misconception..


use the following.dat, that'll make it easier..



System: NEO

RomName: nyaa

Game: nyaa























CartridgeID: 267

GfxCrypt: 0

GfxKey: 0

ButLayout: 9

Fix: 0


this will have sound errors due to the fact that you're using another game's m1, but the m1 that everyone has is heavily encrypted, and one of the c's is poorly dumped, even decrypting it doesnt help....

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I think that -c2 is a bad dump, 'cause when i suggested in Romshare Forums to use Zupapa's -m1 and -v1, i had full speed game, perfect controls, perfect sound (pochy and yaa's one), only graphics are quite good, but still scrambled... :P


But i read on romshare, i read that there was a decrypted m1 on the web and a s1, does someone has the link ? Maybe it could help us... :lol:


Thanks ! B)

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