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Pochi & Nyaa Link Here! Got it today

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as far as I know, i don't think it's playable in anything yet. I'd like to have it running on Kawax just to round out my collection, but before that happens, I need it to be fully decrypted.


Apparently, the ALL the roms, except the V rom are encrypted. So that leaves me with little to work with except the C roms. :blink:


If anyone has had any luck with that, let me know.



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It seems that only the C2 (not P2 in my previous post, since there is no P2) is encrypted. The compression ration is 0% for the C2 and the rest is 33% to 79%.


This gives the impression that only the C2 is encrypted and the rest are decrypted (or they did not have an encryption in the first place.)

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Right off I'd say it's an incomplete set. But I'll fool with it for just a bit.


New problems, not sure what they're related to you. Pure blue screens baby.


Tried putting it in the place of Ganryu, Bangbead, Zupapa, and Nitd. No luck yet.

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