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Solas: Wow, seems you got quite a collection -- neat and tidy too.


I tried to start my own collection at one point, but it was just too costly. I'd download them but it seems the quality is never as good as the DVDs you buy, and I'm not on broadband so downloading one episode (30 min.) would probably take me like half a year or something. Ridiculous...


Cartoon Network: The poor man's source of anime!! LOL


Uh...so, if anyone can answer me:Has anyone seen Naruto? It seems it's gaining popularity and I was curious.

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Ah, yes of course, anime. Unfortunately I can't buy it where I am [no really, that's not just an excuse], so I just download [am 56k], or get it through friends.


I can't find the space to put it all :


Cowboy Bebop




Gundam Wing



Love Hina



All great :), but I won't bore you with the whole list :D


Manga's great too, and can be found relatively easily online, have downloaded over 2.5 gigs already [ouch].


Check out

I''s [if you can find it anymore, I think mangaproject.cjb.net has torrents now]

Battle Angel Alita

Hellsing [Although I think most groups stopped scanlating when it got licensed]

Ichigo 100%

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shadow Lady [Any tips where I can find volumes 2 and 3 of this?]


and of course, last but not least : Ranma 1/2 ! This manga totally cracks me up !


Anyway, I go on too long, you're probably all asleep by now:P, go here for more:


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I don't watch a lot of tv, but I do enjoy watching anime. My favourite series of all are the Rurouni Kenshin. I've seen the 95 episode series and the 6 ova's. I really like the story and everything. Another favourite of mine is Escaflowne, which im rewatching again. Current series that I watch are Wolf's Rain, Naruto and Gad Guard.

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I Mostly download the series i like/love/have interest in. Because its mostly aviliable in my area. And buying DVD's online, ugh, bad experiences there.


I Got pretty big collection, all on CDr's :D

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i used to like anime a lot, but its become too mainstream. now i like to watch a lot of underground iranian cartoons... the artwork is CRAZY.


i like ghost in the shell, spriggan, trigun, and hellsing.

Same here, except for the underground Iranian cartoons.


I used to watch a lot of anime till I saw the 13th tape of Evanglion (before it got REALLY famous). I was so turned off by that tape that now I'm very wary when I buy (or rent) an anime.


Spriggan is the latest awesome anime that I've seen in a while.


When I used to watch anime, I was into these:


The Slayers

Record of Loddoss Wars

Cutey Honey (right when I hit puberty :lol:)

Gunsmith Cats

The Guyver

Vampire Hunter D


Ninja Scroll (just the first one)

Ghost in the Shell (I hear they're making a sequel or something)

other random fighting game animes (Fatal Fury, Street Fighter, Battle Arena Toshinden etc.)


Now I prefer real movies.

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There isn't a Ninja Scroll 2. Ninja Resurrection was just a very similar anime, but not a sequel...and it had nothing to do with Ninja Scroll, the protagonist wasn't even the same.

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