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Which KOF character would you like to meet?


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Well, Mai is married to Andy, so you wouldn't be able to tap that ass.  Maybe you could tap Athena's or Yuri's ass.

They're married? I just thought they had regular sex. She'd cheat on me if she was, I'm that good :P

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King does look like a lezbo but she looked good in cap vs. snk (tight body) i guess i would like to meet billy kain, and take his staff and run off. I bet you didnt think i was gonna do that did ya?

Play Art of Fighting 2, use Ryo and fight King and finish her off with fireball


...iiidk. She coulda been trying to impress Yuri :P

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Actually that guy is right,


ask Robert for a million bucks....oh, why didn't i think of that..


as far as the girls go, I'd like to meet Yuri( the 2K3 ver) because now


she looks really cute.. :P


Mai is a definite turn on, but her voice puts me off...


...and I doubt any of you can catch Rugal on a good day...


He might just kill you nicely on a good day eh?

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