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Dolphin Emulator updated!

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um, actually to avoid the security checks...you just tape down the sensor inside so it doesnt know you opened it...


My Theory: Make a bootdisc that pretty much brings you to a menu with one option: Start Game


you tape down the sensor before using it, and then all you do is take out the boot disc and put in your backup


hell, it could even let you play imports

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One solution, buy your Gamecube games!

:lol: Are you saying that I don't? I have two GC isos that I don't own the originals for, and those are 18 wheeler and Animal Crossing.

The former I am yet to play and the latter will probably never be released in the UK so unless they do release it officially here I can't buy it and I ain't importing!


And I think the tape idea has been tried and it still checks for the barcode...

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