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Does Anyone Play Underground Games?


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Cool Spot! That's the name of the 7-Up game!


Anyway, I know a game most of you haven't played. "DJ Boy" on the Genesis. This game seems like a VERY SKETCHY version of JGR. It only came out in Japan. I dare anyone to beat this game without save states. If you say you have, I will call you a liar! :blink:



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Sonic Chaotix was the game were the Choaotix team from Sonic Heroes came from. I believe it was for the 32X. Pretty good, but not as good as Sonic 3 (which isn't even comparable to this).

Actually, the game was called Knuckles Chaotix, and Sonic wasn't even a character, although there are 5 or 6 of them!


It's a pretty cool game, you always have two characters joined by a magic pair of rings, and you can use the other character to speed up, kill enemies etc..etc...

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My Favorite Unknown Games are:-



Jet Grind Radio



Playstation 2






Shinobi 3

Alex Kidd

Maximum Carnage

Brian Lara Cricket/Shane Warne Cricket

Australian Rugby League



Super International Cricket

R-Type 3

Super Punchout



Jet Set Radio Future

Shenmue II

Panzer Dragoon Orta

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I lord, I hated Fighting Vipers 2. That game's programming was a total mess. It had a ton of glitches in it. I couldn't tell you all of them off hand since it's been such a long time ago, but I remember some of the stage finishers were broken.


One thing I just wanted to add is that Sparkstar on SNES owned Rocket Knight Adventure for Genesis. When I had that game I used to play it like CRAZY! I must of beaten it like twenty times. The good old days of gaming when you actually had the patience to beat the game more then once.


Does Gundam Wing:Endless Duel for SNES count as an underground game? That's one my most favorite fighting games ever.

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