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New NeorageX EGCG-ver.4.2


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Link Works, shove it in getright. Almost 9 megs tho [preview shots included].


Anyway, after a tiring download on a slow server, it ran MS5 with the graphic bugs [Yes, my MS5 is P1 patched and runs on the previously released NeorageX 0.6 hack].


Also, still runs my Garou MOTW PT [prototype?] Romset with graphical bugs, so anyhow sticking with 0.8c for Garou and 0.6 hacked for MS5 still seams best.


Would be nice to hear if anyone has any other results.




P.S. Haven't tried importing loads of roms yet to see if it crashes.

thx for info the bud, i haven't tested it got bz wid my mid exam here. :)

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still graphical errors i say forget the egcg altogether and stick with the neorage x's that work

No one ever said that EGCG was perfect. I use it only to run SVC, SSV and MS5.

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