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Does the Prehistoric Isle 2 rom for neo geo work

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I tried neoragex and kawakas. Neither one recognizes it when you do a rom audit. I checked all the files that are in the zip and compared them to the ones listed at playagain.net and they all seem to be there.

You might have the MAME set. Post the contents of the Zip for me...

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I got it to work with kawaks 1.46 but not the 1.47 version or in the latest neoragex emu. It needs a 000.10.10 file so i went to playagain.net and it has a different bios than the one i am using with neoragex. Didn't bother downloading it but just to let others know where to go if they have similar problem.

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the rom should work on all emus (since i dont use NRX ECGC whatever, im not sure if its supposed to work on that one). it even works on the last official NRX version (0.6b). for NRX, files inside the game zip must have an extension of ".rom" instead of ".bin"


for the bios problem, i think kawaks requires a newer version of neogeo bios but since i dont use Kawaks anymore i cant help you where to get it, sorry.

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*cough*Garou (non-prototype)


and ummm...KOF2000 doesnt work as well. Strikers 1945 plus has a slowdown problem as well, which is fixed on other emus already.

KOF2000 does work. Strikers 1945 Plus slowdown? Where?

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KOF2000 does work...


not without a hacked NRX.


0.6b doesnt support 512k s1 roms (last time i tried, it gave me the same glitched out text just like when using the 128kb ones)


Strikers 1945 Plus slowdown? Where?


all types of explosions. i cant exactly define it as a slowdown (as im sure it will still be a perfect 60 fps if you try looking at its framerate), but it will appear like a short stutter every time theres an explosion. theyre not supposed to happen anyway.


try playing it on other emus and youll see what i mean.

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