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WinKawaks DATs?

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I recently downloaded a hacked version of WinKawaks from http://neo-arcadia.vze.com/ along with the games that they had available. I was mainly wanting to play SvC Chaos. I couldn't get it to work with the version from that website, but I did with a different hack, but that other version still doesn't support a lot of the other games. After reading a few other topics similar to this, I get the impression that I am missing DAT files. However, I'm new to Kawaks and really have no idea what to do with them.


So... basically, I need DAT for the following games and need to know where to put them:


· Metal Slug 5

· Metal Slug 4

· Snk Vs. Capcom

· Samurai Shodown 5

· Rage Of The Dragons

· Power Instinc Matrimelee

· Crouching Tiger 2003

· King Of Fighters 2002



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All the Dat files are in the "asr.dat" file.You can open it with note pad to check all the games there are inside or add new games too.With this version all of those games you want are supported already and have the dat files already installed.You just have to make sure your naming your rom zips right,and that you have the right files inside.Hope that helps

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