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KawaX (plus or se) MS4 guidence please

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Firstly, hello. This is my first post, glad I found this place as eveywhere else seems to be all coy on discussing the lastest in the Emulation scene.


Secondly, I've searched the forums and not found a solution to my problem. Hopefully someone can help out.


Today I downloaded mslug4nd.zip


Within it there is:

















Now I've searched nearly all afternoon for guidence and found info about re-naming to kof98 files. I tried this but couldn't get it working.


I've managed to get KawaX Plus now but can't find SE anywhere.


Can someone please tell me what to rename the files listed above and what to zip them up as for use in KawaX Plus (and possibly instructions for KawaX SE, as I'm still looking)


Any tips, help appreciated :P

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Thanks for the reply. The downloads on that site wouldn't work for me (cutting out afte 30-50kb) but some kind forumite has helped out and sent me SE :P


The site did help with re-naming though. Appreciated.

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About Mslug4n with Kawa-X SE :


mslug4n.zip (Metal Slug 4 predecrypted : decrypted C & V roms) :

263-p1.bin -> 1 Mb

263-p2.bin -> 4 Mb

263-s1.bin -> 128 Kb

263-m1d.bin -> 64 Kb

263-v1d.bin -> 4 Mb

263-v2d.bin -> 4 Mb

263-v3d.bin -> 4 Mb

263-v4d.bin -> 4 Mb

ms4n_c1.rom -> 8 Mb

ms4n_c2.rom -> 8 Mb

ms4n_c3.rom -> 8 Mb

ms4n_c4.rom -> 8 Mb

ms4n_c5.rom -> 4 Mb

ms4n_c6.rom -> 4 Mb

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