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King of Fighters 2003 News


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What's with the Mina love here? She is easily killed thganks to the LayDown attack and she cannot touch Poppy.


KOF2003 is not released yet, as I have searched everywhere and the official status of the 2 or so groups that have the roms is "No, it is not released, do not Download links to the ROM, as it is not the ROM".

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Hey, I Just Visited BillyJR Site>Is Billy JR A Chinese?

Wherever he's from, he's a troll. A big nasty international troll; a pimple on the face of the emulation scene, and every time something like Kof2003 comes around the pimple swells and gets irritating, but no-one seems to think it's a good idea to pop it. Same thing happened back with SvC: Chaos.


We'd be best ignoring him and his site, and those who praise him (trolls like sharim1111).

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oh well...

in emule, i downloaded txt file, which says


KOF2003 rom here DUMPED by eore.txt

and in it says "get the REAL ROM in - www.sitedoeore.kit.net"


but the site doesnt works

Most likely a fake.

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