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MAMEUI64 0.267.0


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MAMEUI64 0.267.0 has been released.

Available at https://messui.1emulation.com



- Using new compiler version: GCC 13.2 - please report any bugs caused by this

- gba: fixed crash when cartridges larger than 32MB are used

- nes: fixed crash when UNIF header is unknown. Get grey screen instead.


In the new \hash\more folder, there are lists of software from my collection. This software is not in any official software list. Any collectors might like to track down this software for themselves, or add the entries to the official software list, or even take your chances and ask for the items to be added to MAME.

Don't ask me for any of this software - I downloaded all of it, therefore it's out there - somewhere. Good luck with your quest.

The lists are updated every few days on github, so you'll be busy for quite some time.

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