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Raine 0.96.1


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Fixes for the left out bugs from yesterday, plus adding a last game :

 - fixed the bad ymf278b emulation, sound is normal again for all games using this chip which include the sh2 games
 - fixed the bad palette for dragon blaze
 - added s1945ii (including hiscore saving, cheats and there is a new history file).

Which should make a much more solid version than the one from yesterday. A word about alpha blending in the psikyosh driver : currently sprites are drawn 1st, which means that if a sprite is drawn with some alpha blending effect over some layers, it won't work, you can see that for example in tgm2, the next game piece to go down is drawn over a black background instead of some alpha blending effect on top of the background layer. The idea was to make an improved version of this driver using directly opengl functions, it would simplify a lot all this alpha blending stuff and the priorities, I had a piece of code I had played with a few years ago, but I lost it ! I am not really motivated for now to restart everything from scratch, so for now I'll leave it as it is, tgm2 is very playable and enjoyable as it is anyway (by the way I thought 1st it was just a commercial tetris accelerating like crazy so that the player can't play for too long, but actually there is a trick, if you survive the big acceleration after some time the game will return to its initial speed after some quite surprising effect... ! So it's not a bad game, it's just a pity they don't explain exactly how it works during attract mode).

I could have made a workaround for tgm2 to have the blending effect anyway, but as it is now this would be in software and the blending functions are super slow, so I prefer to leave it as it is now.

Probably the last raine version for at least quite a while !

(and there is an optional update for the dlls for this 0.96 version, the dlls32-0.96 and dlls64-0.96 packages are here with an updated sdl2 inside, but it's not mandatory).


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Good one, 2 bugs in 1 easy test : the crash is because of some test I did for this version which seemed harmless (0.96), it's reverted.

But even after that it was impossible to start acrobatm and all the games from the nmk driver actually, it's quite an old bug which dates from between 0.92.6 and 0.93, around January 2022, when the timers became "generic", it forces to be more explicit when initializing this, and these games were forgotten.

It's fixed in git, new binary tonight or tomorrow.

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