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KAWA-X PLUS problem


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Hello, I suffered the same problem and the solution is sucky yet simple.


***Warning*** It will most probally flock ur crap up!


And erase all configs you had in Kawa-x


FTP into your Xbox


Fo into drive E


Go into folder TDATA


there should be a folder '0000fa7e'


delete the folder '0000fa7e'


It is the folder where Kawa-x saves your rom info. There is (I suppose) a glitch or bug causing toe black screen.


you may then restart Kawa-X and enjoy. thank me later. :P

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Just deleted that pesky 0000fa7e folder and everything is back to normal now. No idea how you managed to work that one out VAGABOND... that would have been WAAAAAY down on my list of places to look!!! Big thanks for that one though...you might have stopped a young man going prematurely bald through the joys of ripping his own hair out here :D


Just gotta find me a copy of mslug5 for the new SE edition now and I can sit back n relax again!

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